Rose: Important to carry the mood from the square on the grandstands

The Guidelines of the Game (initial French title: La règle du jeu) is a 1939 French ridiculing comedy-drama film directed by Jean Renoir. The set cast consists of Nora Gregor, Paulette Dubost, Mila Parély, Marcel Dalio, Julien Carette, Roland Toutain, Gaston Modot, Pierre Magnier and Renoir. Renoir s portrayal of the sensible, grief-stricken Octave anchors the fatalistic state of mind of this absorbed comedy of good manners. The film illustrates members of upper-class French culture and also their slaves prior to the beginning of World Battle II, showing their moral callousness on the eve of putting in jeopardy damage. At the time, The Policies of the Game was the most pricey French film made: Its original budget plan of 2.5 million francs eventually boosted to more than 5 million francs. Renoir and cinematographer Jean Bachelet made comprehensive use deep-focus as well as long odds during which the cam is frequently moving, sophisticated cinematic techniques in 1939. Renoir s occupation in France went to its pinnacle in 1939, and also The Regulations of the Game was eagerly prepared for; nevertheless, its best was met refuse and displeasure by both doubters as well as audiences. Renoir minimized the movie s running time from 113 minutes to 85, however also then the movie was an essential and also monetary calamity. In October 1939, it was prohibited by the wartime French government for having an undesirable impact over the young . For years, the 85-minute version was the only one offered, however regardless of this its reputation gradually expanded. In 1956, boxes of initial product were discovered, and a reconstructed variation of the movie premiered that year at the Venice Movie Festival, with only a small scene from Renoir s very first cut missing out on. Because then, The Policies of the Game has been called one of the best movies in the background of cinema. Countless film critics and also directors have actually applauded it very, citing it as a motivation for their own work. It is the only film to make an area amongst the leading films in the valued View & Sound (BFI) decennial movie critics poll for every single years considering that the poll s creation in 1952.

The new Corona rules of the country NRW did not quite surprise for the BVB, yet the short-term liabilities of relaxation in relation to the allowed audience approval made the club in front of some challenges. For more viewers also mean a higher personnel and organizational expense.

After the country breaking break, 67,000 are allowed in

Since Thursday morning, more than 13,000 additional tickets left to the already planned 25,000 in the sale. Almost 40,000 spectators - the club asked to arrive at an early stage - will visit the home game on Saturday against FC Augsburg. After the conference break, the capacity should then be just over 67,000 - a milestone on the way back to normal.

I am looking forward to the football, but of course for us, Greetings BVB coaches Marco Rose on Friday the rising audience numbers. This helps us, because we want to be a home and win every game in our stadium so that we can celebrate with our fans afterwards. The signal Iduna Park is not only the largest, but also the loudest stadium in Germany . For this, however, his team must do something even: It is important for us that we create it as a team to wear the mood from the square on the grandstands.

It is important for us to create it as a team to carry the mood from the square on the grandstands.

Marco Rose

And that would succeed by two things: passion - from the BVB in the Champions League game against Sporting Lisbon (1: 0) on Tuesday plenty of the day - and good football . This had to admit Rose, had it still missing against the Portuguese. The guys have worked hard for victory, but we also found that no playful treat was, said the 45-year-old, who still satisfied with the appearance during the week and hopes, that we are the good things take away from the zero game for us.

For painting is now about the further steps

A concentrated and dedicated defensive performance is also intended against the Augsburger, which lies with five points from the first six games on a disappointing rank 15, lay the foundation for a successful result. The hopes rest in the early absence Erling Haalands again on Donyell painting, who celebrated his goal premiere for the BVB against Lisbon. Who was a striker or is, who knows how important goals are for the personal feeling, said Rose, who had registered, that the environment was very happy for Donny . He always said that painting is good on the way and work well. Now it s about going there together.

No country tours for Haaland, Hummels and Bellingham

After the game, it is then for numerous Borussen to your national teams. However, this time there is also some exceptions: So, in addition to Erling Haaland and Mats Hummels, Jew Bellingham in Dortmund will remain. If you ask Jew, he always wants to play, Rose said. But he believes that it was a good decision to hit the Bellingham together with his family and the English national coach Gareth Southgate: I say it again and again: we have to take care of the boys and do not remove them.

If you ask Jew, he always wants to play.

Marco Rose

Nevertheless, Bellingham is still on Saturday: because never played the Youngster who acts full of passion, so many spectators in Dortmund, since he wears the black yellow jersey.


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